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About me about me About me about me

Hi I’m Carlos, a UX/UI product designer based in Madrid.

I create cool stuff with the user’s needs in the spotlight.

Check out my portfolio

How did I get here?

My past gives me away! Industrial design engineer with training in digital marketing and a bootcamp in UX/UI Product Design: I am a born problem solver.

My passion for technology, people and the interaction between them has naturally led me to where I am today.

Do you want to know more about my professional self? You can download my CV simply by clicking the button

My goals

Now what? There is still a long way to go and I am always open to new and exciting projects 🙂 I want to keep helping companies to reach their goals by creating and developing user-centered and detail-orientated projects.

What I am made of:

UI 0
UX 0
Designer 0
work work work work work work
say hi say hi say hi say hi say hi say hi say hi say hi say hi say hi

I'm a social person.

The universe has placed us on the same path, don't make it wait and get in touch with me. Good things are coming.

Or you can contact me as well on my social networks.