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This entrepreneurship arose as a response to the situation caused by the pandemic in small businesses in the area where I grew up, Ciudad Real (Spain). Many of these SMEs were forced to close due to their low digitalization, they were literally out of the market. Together with my partner, we created a small digital consulting startup to help these businesses to make their way in the new reality.

How? First of all, by studying the previous situation of the business, getting to know its target audience, determining its main competitors and establishing a clear outline of its strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities, thanks to tools such as SWOT analysis. We then established an action plan based on the objectives we wanted to achieve, coordinating the team and the means at our disposal, carrying out brand positioning strategies, rebranding and social media management, web design and development and planning new business opportunities.

Thanks to this project, I got used to moving in a business environment, having a business vision, looking for clients and dealing directly with them. I worked a lot, I learned even more.