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Local business

Research and redesign of a local e-commerce website.

Online shopping has experienced exponential growth in recent years which, coupled with the current situation caused by the pandemic, has caused many small local businesses to be displaced and, in many cases, doomed to closure. Therefore, in this project, we were proposed to analyze and redesign the online presence and experience of a local e-commer, in this case, Centro Óptico Embajadores.

My role?: UX (user research, concept) / UI Designer

The team?: Team of 4, consisting of UX/UI Designers.

How long?: 10 days, 2 stages (November — December 2021)

UX Tools: surveys, interviews, lean UX, empathy map, user persona, user journey, user scenario, user flow, Moscow, card sorting, sitemap, crazy 8, low-fi & mid-fi prototype, concept testing.

UI Tools: moodboard, desirability testing, stile tile, style guide, high-fi prototype.

We started from the assumption that this business already has a website, which we’ll have to analyze for deficiencies in terms of user experience. We’ll also work on the look&feel of the brand according to the objectives of the stakeholders.