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The solution for those who want to organize group trips and not die trying.

You have a few days off and your biggest dream is to organize a trip with your group of lifelong friends. You know it won’t be an easy task, but you are still willing to try (determined people rock). In the beginning, everything is good intentions and excitement, but as the days go by, problems arise: people don’t confirm and prices go up, you can’t agree on almost anything… in the end, the trip doesn’t take place and you stop talking to each other for a week. Enough is enough!

Tavelly was created in response to this problem.

My role?: product Designer.

The team?: single-person project

How long?: 10 days (November 2021)

UX Tools: surveys, interviews, lean UX, empathy map, user persona, user journey, user scenario, user flow, moscow, card sorting, sitemap, crazy 8, low-fi & mid-fi prototype, concept testing.

UI Tools: moodboard, desirability testing, stile tile, style guide, high-fi prototype.

Interesting, huh? You can read the whole case study, and know how we get to the solution, over here: yes, Carlos, I want to read it!